Kadayaw Festival

Kadayaw is the waraynon translation for “full moon”. Kadayaw festival is a celebration called for: putting emphasis and importance on the very core of survival via rituals-gestures and dance steps. It is celebrated on the first full moon of the year as a welcome gesture for the onset of the New Year and a ritual asking the Almighty for a bountiful farm and sea produce the whole year round.

St. John the Baptist Church

A 16th Century Roman Catholic church that is considered as one of the most important structure in the Municipality. On January 11, 2020, the National Commission on Culture and the Arts headed by Exec. Director Al Ryan Alejandre and the Provincial Government of Northern Samar, headed by Governor Edwin Ongchuan (represented by Vice Gov. Gary Lavin), unveiled the marker of the St. John the Baptist Church of Pambujan as one of the province’s historical landmark.

Paninirongan Beach

Paninirongan Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Pambujan that has very fine sand, clear and cool water. This beach boasts a natural swimming pool even during high tides. Bathers can stay until afternoon and watch the beautiful sunset.

Caohagan Island

Caohagan Island is the best place for diving, snorkeling, fishing and hunting. This exotic island is known for its beautiful corals and abundance of century trees and boracay white pebbles that is used as construction materials for exterior and interior design of houses/buildings. This island is also a haven of giant fruit bats.


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